a daisy's life

Welcome Welcome Welcome

hello dear viewers…if there are any. to be brutally honest, I am ecstatic to be finally writing again in a blog. I have had around 3 blogs before and they have been a miserable failure. I hope this one does well and serves its purpose. I started this blog for having an excuse to write more often..so I swear to post something every week. as an intro let me brief you about what I would be posting:

1. I will write about my miserable and boring life

2. I might write poems and articles too..if my mood calls for it.

For now, its topic 1…..so here we go

I am an about to be 16-year-old high school goer with a humongous load of problems and issues . my friend circle is short and my thought process is forever active.I am lazy, self-centered, moody, judgmental and often a fun and loving person. I love history and french history excites me . But more than history I like English…mostly fiction but I read my classics too.I have nothing against school but absolutely detest physics and maths. I don’t study much but pass with pretty okay marks. I have weird obsessions which are in-explainable…like currently I am obsessed with smiley faces with uni brows, even though i got mine removed..go figure!  you will always find me with a quote on my wrist. I enjoy talking and eating and am not even close to being a fitness freak . I am socially non-existent and thus in-hackable. I don’t believe in god or karma but I do believe in happy endings to life…don’t tell me otherwise.

I’d like to think I am a daisy…. what about you?



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