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6 favorites of the month


I sit here appreciating the weather for it has never been as perfect as it is today. the sun shines in a not so dominating manner and the sky is a healthy blue. the wind cools you down as soon as it gets warm and the trees laze around swaying drunk with the waves of the bracing air. the faint smell of lime grass fills up my room and it opens up my mind.all odors, noises and unpleasant people have been blocked out of my mind and soul; I have never felt so relaxed. this is going to be a good day and I can feel it !

to add to the positivity of the moment, I am going to blog about my 6 favorites of the month (and just because its saint valentine’s month does not mean any of my picks are affected by the rumored “love in the air”);

1. my favorite weather: this weather is closest to what we get as “spring” …so it has to be this one.

2.my favorite song: “walking on a dream” by empire of the sun… it’s so addictive , in fact I am  listening to it right now.

3. my favorite book (teenage fiction): “let it snow”…get this: I was at a book fair around mid October when I saw this book amongst a million others (and this was the time when I was loving john green like a million others and following his channel like a million others) but I did not pick it up for it didn’t exactly “call out to me”…but earlier this month a friend recommended this to me and when I read it I instantly fell in love.for me the best one is ” jubilee express ” but  i also adore the way it ends .

4. favorite book (classic): “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne is the one for the month… my 2nd fave has to be “Anthem” – Ayn Rand and I mention this because the Scarlet letter and this one had a neck to neck competition.

5. favorite beverage: watermelon slush..its so good…hmm…

6. best chick flick: call me crazy but only this month did i see “what happens in Vegas” …and i absolutely love it!!its probably one of the best chick flicks of ALL TIME!

I would love for all of you to try each one of my favorites..its totally worth it.

see you soon,





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