a daisy's life, my life

the rant

Tests are finally over and i can live my life again!!! 

This is how i should have felt but then the reality cracked in …. We live in a world of sadists and deadlines. A world where imagination goes to die and freedom is an illusion.

Yes…i am refering to the dreaded subject of HOMEWORK!

Considering that i only spend 6 consious hours at my house…the time for homework i have not!! Living in a family functioning like a circus…with a never ending circuit of crisis, the presence of homework is overwhelming and repulsive.

But ranting about homework is ever so common. The thing i wanted to rant about was how i dont get enough time to do my favourite things in the world: read and write. by the time i come home i am fragile as a daisy (– that pun tho).

The problem remains… My routine doesnt allow me to have enough time to enjoy the apparently most amazing time of my life…who spread that rumour?!

Now, I can tell from personal experience that being a teenager in this century is ANYTHING but fun!! And if this is seriously the best time of my life…then i cant wait to get old!

Sarcasm aside, it deeply disturbs me to imagine myself distancing from books and writing. 

So, with this post i conclude with a resolution: to write one post weekly at least!




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