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Why is ’13 reasons why’ important?

Anyone who is keeping up with trending news topics would be well aware of the controversial Netflix series release of ’13 Reasons Why’

For those who don’t know about it yet, the show is a drama series following the story behind a high schooler’s suicide. It explores the 13 reasons that compelled her to do the unreasonable as she had confessed in 13 tapes. And as irrelevant as it sounds to many adults presently scoffing at “teenage” dramas, I promise it’s not. 

The series isn’t centred solely on the suicide, while it is the crux of the plot, it opens its panels to more issues. Issues like ‘bullying’. 

‘Bullying’ too meek a word to cover its impact. It takes many forms and many victims. It can be peer pressure, societal expectations or even parental pressure that motivates fear in young adults. Children at the burgeoning age of choices. Sadly also the age with the highest suicide rates, a fact informing cynics that we too have problems. That age doesn’t determine the severity of the issue or if it merits aid. That all things deadly aren’t physical but also mental.

There is much talk about how the show may be triggering to other suicidal individuals or survivors. I wouldn’t argue with that. But I will tell you this- The series doesn’t glamorise suicide as the only way to justice. It explains the impact of an individual’s absence on people. The impact of people refusing help or being too ignorant to be concerned enough to offer.The fact that while you may feel alone, you never are. There are always those who would be there for you, tell you better. 

The series also talks about rape, the struggles of closeted people and many more problems struggling to walk out from under the veil of taboo in “developing” India and even the world. It is a series that adolescents must see. A series parents must see. A series families must discuss. Because no one looks suicidal unless you look hard enough. Because suicide isn’t cowardice and mustn’t be ever pitied. Suicide is a comment on an individual’s social environment and not their strength. Because they always leave signs. And there are always reasons. Because there are multiple stories to answer one ‘why’. And to understand that you must give this effort a chance. It has become an epidemic that needs to be stopped.

And you must be the one who helps do that. Don’t be someone’s reason why. 

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A barter of souls

Feet stained red

Celebrating negotiated love

Standing on the final edge

Beyond all caging fences

And beneath the skyline

were arms in open embrace

Offering a calm conclusion

To a dying spirit

And so hesitantly she bid

Her grey house now his

For a home to be hers only

Left floating away from life

Her arrival sounded by the breaking

Of her once radiant will

Releasing her from

The forced barter

Where she had more to loose

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As she sits 

Counting meals 

On her ribs

Her stomach

Stuck sucked

And curves

Of what remained

Draping her bones

With a fashionable shroud

As Impoverished rough turf

Becomes Tracks to

Her train of thought

Haunting her 

As she mindlessly

Continues the cruel charade

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The execution 

Deep in a town which saw no dawn

Lived a girl whose skin was the color of the sun

Draped in a cascade of black that covered all

But the eyes of spring staring into the gun
Her ornamental fingers behind her head

With knees on the ground common in prayer
As she looked into the grey sky one last time

A glimmer of hopeful light pierced her stare
And loud her soul splattered on the soil

Red bore in as her mark of rebellion 
When last reunited with the single celestial 

That others were soon to join

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Death and ounces of optimism!

This is going to be my title for the july post…cause july has brought me no good till now. It started with unending amount of homework and will end so too. It brought me a breakup and bad grades. Only a few weeks more and I dont know how much worse it can get.

But Im not too sure if i can take with such irrational reasons..i am to plan and conduct the series of events that will lead to my death.

I for one am a coward…so death has to be painless. Maybe a couple of morphine shots…good enough to make me immune to the pain i should expect while getting my body hacked by an axe. Then..well then who cares. I do not care to look gorgeous at my deathbed, all i want is for there to be no pain, the rest can be left to the mad man’s imagination. My personal flowchart of my devised suicide is as such: overdose on morphine and then trust a lover or hater to do their best or simply strike the heart.

There will be regrets though. Regrets that will haunt me for all of eternity. Regrets that will make heaven look like hell and life as an opportunity. For regret is a plague one cant escape even with god by your side. And so i cant have those.

But now with death into the picture, lets take a step back and acknowledge the things that will precede it. 

The first will be shock and mourning. God as my witness knows that i dont have enough people to be disturbed by the news of my suicide, but there will be mourning- you can bet on that.

Then will be the “but she was so young ” phase where numerous people,most of which weren’t related to me in any way, would question my cause of death and please themselves with their sherlockian methods of deduction! this conclusion and deduction will then be announced in a press release of sorts with a guaranteed contortion of the truth.But for these people i do not care since I hold no respect in my heart for those who birth devious rumours.

It is those who will perish in existence that i feel guilty for. The ones who loved and felt the loss with all their heart. And that could be the regret that will be burnt onto my skin like the scarlet letter on Hester’s lover.

The conclusion of this discussion is this : i come to stand to say that such suicides need courage and a bravado of sorts but in the end is the selfish act of a miserly who has no regrets inthe make believe world now closing in on him.