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The election 

They won the only coin toss

Before the others knew how to play

And then they stood appalled 

From higher moral ground

Wearing coats with green lapels

Hints of gold in their salivating grins 

Preaching dreams only to tax them

In barren lands rain a sin

And yet the hollow people followed fast

The humourless constitution of the dream weaver

Afoot on a cloud above 

Lambs electing butchers as their leader

Finally they reached the alter

Their carcass stinking of despair 

As he perfumed himself with power

The illustrious illusion of order

Was only for the civic fair

And thus the carnivore sat on the throne

Lined by the hide of your forefathers 

While your flesh drops off your bone

The fat man’s dinner party a slaughter

my life, poems etc.

On being a slut

My cotton briefs sit by my lacy bra leṭte  

Ink stained fingers wear seductive reds

My hair dishevelled and lobes twice pierced

Legs pour out of the shorts stretched across my derriere

Christian faith nestled in boastful cleavage

My morals looser than my lovers by the sewage

Brought up in elite upscale high rises

 I drive downtown for my sunrises 

The thunder reigning over me

Making your structure a mockery

And yet I am a slut for nothing more

Than all these sins my sisters branded me for

All these luxuries I allowed myself

Cashed out on the moral credit I once held

This generation they call themselves new

Rebels like me the deviant few

Monogamous monotonous daughters and mothers

On your wrinkles the dark age hovers

The feminist you claimed to be

Pigs more understanding than she

a daisy's life, my life

the rant

Tests are finally over and i can live my life again!!! 

This is how i should have felt but then the reality cracked in …. We live in a world of sadists and deadlines. A world where imagination goes to die and freedom is an illusion.

Yes…i am refering to the dreaded subject of HOMEWORK!

Considering that i only spend 6 consious hours at my house…the time for homework i have not!! Living in a family functioning like a circus…with a never ending circuit of crisis, the presence of homework is overwhelming and repulsive.

But ranting about homework is ever so common. The thing i wanted to rant about was how i dont get enough time to do my favourite things in the world: read and write. by the time i come home i am fragile as a daisy (– that pun tho).

The problem remains… My routine doesnt allow me to have enough time to enjoy the apparently most amazing time of my life…who spread that rumour?!

Now, I can tell from personal experience that being a teenager in this century is ANYTHING but fun!! And if this is seriously the best time of my life…then i cant wait to get old!

Sarcasm aside, it deeply disturbs me to imagine myself distancing from books and writing. 

So, with this post i conclude with a resolution: to write one post weekly at least!