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A fat heart

my mind plays tricks on me
in mirrors it reflects hypotheticals

different paths to ifs and onlys
impossible parallels to my existence

it taps into my secrets
and plays a shady advertisement

promising the good life
in exchange of my soul

representing beauty
in a rigged election

because sometimes
my mind is overpowered by my body

the shell I live in defining me
rolls and ridges of generous flesh

bigger than my heart
greater than my intentions

and larger than my love for you
for me

i lost myself to the material
mean mathematics had finally conquered me

and while my shell got better for them
it left no space for breathing

my heart was fat
and you weren’t okay with that

so you butchered me into shape
leaving a hole between my lungs

making me the canvas
of your insecurities

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Edna Mode is my spirit animal

You know about that character in the Incredibles who hates capes?! You know how she designs costumes for superheroes including the Incredible family?! Yup, thats the one I’m talking about. She is hyper, eccentric and just plain genius. She looks insane when she is passionate and probably best friend goals. From what I remember, Edna was a self made woman who is succesful in life and was a symbol of everything a woman is capable of : greatness. She is a feminist’s pride and an exeptional example of an empowered woman : the woman of tomorrow. I relate to her at most points in my life but her greatness cannot be touched and is unparalleled . From her “NO CAPES” fetish to her sophisticated command over life, everything about her is hilarious and amusing. She is like a tiny posh doll who transforms into a hyperactive chihuahua when talking of her interests.

Her “I  never look back darling, it distracts me from the past” attitude and swagger is unbelievably motivational and impressive 

I call her my spirit animal because if you know me well enough you’d know that we share the same blood. We share a crazy craving for making a difference except she actually made one, in her life and in the lives of others.

Edna is easily one of my favourite disney characters because she was a woman who saved heroes, and thats the kind of irony I aspire to have in my life.